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In order for concrete to remain in good repair, the soil that is underneath it needs to remain stable. Unfortunately, this does not always take place and there are many times when the soil that is underneath the slab may wash away for one reason or another. When this occurs, damage occurs to the concrete or other outdoor feature that would require something that is known as mud jacking. This is not only necessary because the stability of the walkway, slab or stair is jeopardized, it is also because it can be aesthetically unpleasing as well. Why do these problems tend to occur?

One of the most common reasons why a slab will experience problems is because of water damage. In many cases, runoff from your yard or from an adjoining yard is going to go directly underneath the slab and the soil will eventually wash out. This can take place quickly, as is frequently seen during times of heavy rainfall or it will gradually take place over time. In either case, mud jacking is going to be necessary in order to repair any damage that has occurred and to make sure that it is once again stabilized as you would like it to be.


Mud jacking is a technique in which several different items are going to be pumped underneath the slab that is experiencing problems. It is a slurry, made up of sand, soil, water and Portland cement. It is pumped underneath the area that is experiencing problems, causing it to lift and to stabilize. This is not the only way that a repair can be done but it is something that can be taken care of quickly and it offers you an economical choice to make sure that your slab is once again as it should be.

It is also important to note, that mud jacking may not be the only thing that is necessary to provide you with the stabilization that you need. If the problem that caused the soil to wash out from underneath the slab still exists, you will end up having this difficulty again at some point in the future. The professionals at PROFOUND Foundation Repair can provide you with the right solution for your home.

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