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You, like us, understand, foundation repair requires an expert. PROFOUND™ Foundation Repair is the leader in the industry and utilizes the most trusted and advanced processes to repair your home.

Foundation Repaair Piers


While there are several available methods, concrete and steel piers are the most common and least invasive solutions. Profound approved Pier/Piling methods are pressed into the ground with a hydraulic system, using the weight of your house as resistance to insure the greatest depth possible.

The Advantages:

  1. Low Cost, Dependable and Reliable Pier/Piling method.
  2. Portable equipment allows for installation in areas of limited access.
  3. Piers are individually load tested during installation.
  4. PROFOUND™ Pier/Piling System allows continual oversight.
  5. System design allows for lifting of settled structures.
  6. Least destructive to plants, shrubs and lawns.
  7. Piers (also called piles) will be driven down to load bearing soil or bedrock.
  8. The weight of your structure will be shifted from unstable soils to the piers.
  9. Lifetime Transferable Warranty Available.
  10. Call PROFOUND™ Now or request a free no-obligation estimate online.

Foundation Repair Pier Denton TX

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