Foundation Settlement Repair


Concrete slab foundation settlement is often the result of changes in moisture content and density of the soils beneath the slab. For example, soils beneath a concrete slab can dry and shrink over time due to extended drought-like conditions or leaking HVAC systems. Loosely compacted fill soils can also consolidate beneath a slab causing floor cracks, tripping hazards and other cracking and settling throughout a home or building.

These conditions and others create a void under the slab. If the slab isn’t strong enough to span the void, the slab will crack, break and settle into the void. Settlement of concrete floor slabs can be a major problem and can cause serious damages to a home or building. Some of the most common causes for slab settlement include drying and shrinking of soil under a slab, poorly compacted fill soils and washout of soil.

Each of these conditions can create a void under the concrete slab. If the concrete is not strong enough to span the void, the slab will crack, break and settle into the void causing major problems.


One of the first things we will do when called is to diagnose where and how the problem is occurring. Then we will be able to offer the proper choices that are necessary to find the right solution. This will help to shore up your entire home making sure that everything is properly stabilized.

One method is to use foundation support stations or piers/pilings which are added underneath the home. The Piers/Pilings help to distribute the weight of the home by supporting your foundation. This helps to reduce the likelihood that any additional damage will occur. Additional measures may also be taken, such as the installation of French Drains if water is the problem. In any case, we stand by our work and strive to ensure that you are satisfied after your foundation is stable and secure.

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