Foundation Repair Root Barrier


Root barriers can be solid objects, sheets of material or any other barrier that keeps roots from growing into areas where they are not wanted.

Roots tend to travel away from a tree’s trunk in the search for water and nutrients. These roots typically move laterally toward the foundation seeking moisture. While access to water is necessary for a tree’s healthy growth, a tree’s roots can literally suck the moisture from the soil leaving it dry. This may have an affect on other plants, trees or shrubbery planted in the immediate area.

Pavement and hardscapes all depend on the integrity of their base materials that lie just below the surface. It’s the disruption or movement of these materials that causes rutting, heaving and paving surface displacement, which can present a dangerous hazard to vehicles and pedestrians.

Many home and property owners consider root barriers a non-necessity. The truth is they are quite affordable and much less expensive than having to repair a foundation’s damage. For repair or damage prevention, material used for root barriers may include plastic or tough flexible material that resists cracking from potential soil movement or applied root pressure.

To most, the thought of pruning roots might sound like an alarming attempt to control root growth, but it can often resolve numerous root problems before they actualize. Pruning roots is not a common practice, because there is the potential for harm if not done properly. There are definite tools and techniques that must be used to keep trees safe. For this reason, many home and property owners often leave obstructive roots unattended, which can of course lead to property damage.

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